No Randomness is an exhibition I have curated for the International Design Biennale of Saint Etienne 2015. From the 12th of March until the 12th of April 2015.

Is a manhole cover beautiful? Why should it be? Who would have thought that it might conceal an invisible detail, the product of intelligent input masked by usage?
To the naked eye, everything is hidden. Conceived as a tribute to objects camouflaged in the landscape, this exhibition invites everyone to experience the discovery of these objects. No Randomness strives to highlight unperceived objects, which, far from being randomly conceived or arbitrarily arranged, are actually the product of a fiercely intelligent design mind.

The beauty is in the detail, but yet to be discovered.

Deciding whether or not an object is beautiful is not an easy task: it is sometimes easier to say what we consider ugly. To assess the coherence of a product, however, is to observe how cleverly it fits into its environment. I like to understand why such and such a detail was chosen, I like to be aware that it is not accidentally part of the object. I like to discover, for example, that a curve that had hitherto esca ped my attention turns out to be the decisive element in the smooth operation of that object: It was there all the time, under my nose, so quiet and yet so relevant. That is perhaps the definition of beauty: an object that has become gracefully and discreetly integrated into the world around it.

A collection of invisible objects.

Exposing and questioning the object is an integral part of the designer’s job. The 19 objects gathered together here form the starting point of a collection of creations, each of which contains an ‘invisible’ detail that enables them to fulfil their function to perfection. Their beauty, to my mind, lies in their simplicity, the stroke of genius from which they are created – and we celebrate that beauty every time we make use of it, without even noticing it. While these objects cannot be said to be perfect or irreplaceable, they all nonetheless have a remarkable point in common: They highlight a design that makes the complex simple in all modesty.

Curation: Oscar Lhermitte
Set design: Oscar Lhermitte and Stinsensqueeze
Graphic Design: Stinsensqueeze
Photography: Arne Zacher
Texts: Eloi Saint Bris

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